"365 Partnership"

Let me start by saying that Fourtrack Hunting Adventures began several years ago in Colville Washington as a guide service. It was just a living room dream that manifested over time. We decided to make it a reality and guide hunts on our days off or whenever we could find the extra time. It worked, but not overnight! As we started to experiment with filming our hunts we realized how much we loved it and that we actually weren’t too bad at it either. A lot goes into a hunt and that isn’t always revealed while watching your mainstream hunting show nowadays. There is a lot of sacrifice and many obstacles to face in order to get that perfect shot opportunity as well as capture it on film. So we got to thinking and decided that a reality hunting show would appeal to viewers if given the opportunity. There is a reason you can buy shirts at many of the Sportsman stores out there that read “My marriage survived another Hunting Season”.  


-Chris Fourtrack

Fourtrack Hunting Adventures