Imagine big mountains, huge valleys, open fields and tall timber. That's where you'll hunt with Fourtrack Hunting Adventures. Providing intense, in your face encounters with Elk, Mule & Whitetail Deer, Turkeys and Bear. All of our hunts take place on private and/or public land, typically using ground blinds, tree stands and spot and stalk.

Fourtrack offers a "sportsman's" way of hunting! When hunting with us- you will spend a lot of time in the field or hike miles after bugling bull elk! The animals we chase are 100% wild animals with no fences.

We keep busy- constantly scouting game, checking trail cameras and maintaining our numerous food plots and/or feeders.

The hunts we offer include semi-guided and fully guided hunts:

Our semi-guided hunts typically take place over food plots and/or feeders. We provide a detailed map of your hunting location. We are available anytime for questions or concerns you may have.

Our fully guided hunts typically include 1 guide per hunter (unless stated otherwise), a camp style scene with home cooked meals, good people, great memories and the exclusive private properties to hunt big game! Transportation to and from hunting locations are included.

If you hunt with archery, muzzle loader or rifle- we have a hunt for you!

Contact us for further questions, pricing and available dates.

We offer discounts for military, fireman, police and 1st responders.


References available upon request.

Whitetail or Mule deer hunt- archery early season: (September) 

Well we all know a whitetail can throw us a curve ball at any second.  So we have set up feeders and mineral sites to sit and wait for them to show up, it sounds pretty easy right? Wrong!  That’s where most people make their mistake.  Hunting over a baited station is quite tough with long sits.  Reason being is that you never know when the buck you've had your eye on will show up.  They are on their own schedule.  You will see deer--> that we can guarantee.  Most hunts are out of ground blinds and/or tree stands.  Expect to get to your hunting location 40 min before day light (you will rise and shine early).  We can't tell you how long to sit but the longer the better, plus getting into position before day light and sitting until legal shooting light in the evening is a must!

Hunting Mule deer is a different story.  It will include extensive mountain side glassing and a spot and stalk method, trying to get close.  Mulie bucks have proven to be tough to get into their range so prepared for 40 yard plus shot opportunities and hiking up and down steep hill sides. 

So here it is....  The whitetail buck you want to harvest steps into view after hours of waiting and waiting for this moment.  He is 15 yards from the blind/tree stand and has no idea you're there!  Or.... a 25-30 inch Mule deer is on the next ridge! If this sounds like a memorable adventure- then we have a hunt for you!

Whitetail or Mule deer hunt- rifle/muzzle loader: (October/November)

With a weapon that can reach out a ways, we have several different tactics to choose from.  We can sit over cut alfalfa fields, glass mountain sides or push draws.  Any one of these hunting strategies can cause a sudden rush of adrenalin, better known as “Buck Fever”, which is what we all long for (minus the shaky part)!  So If you want to go after high mountain whitetails or mule deer and make long range shots, we can make that happen.  If just sitting on the edge of a field sounds better for you, we can do that too.  We want your experience with FOURTRACK HUNTING ADVENTURES to be fun, memorable and successful.

Black Bear hunt- rifle/muzzle loader or archery: (September only)

This hunt typically takes place on leased land or glassing mountain sides, where wild berries are available for them to eat.  This is mainly a spot and stalk type hunt- so prepare for long sits, hikes and lots of glassing.

We do offer spring bear hunts if you are lucky enough to get drawn for it.  Applications for this hunt are usually due by the end of February.  We can try to help answer questions on the application process.

Elk hunt- archery/muzzle loader:  (September/October)

Our elk hunts include high mountain hiking that can reach up to 5,000 feet and they are not for the weak!  If you are thinking of planning an early season archery hunt we recommend long summer walks to help gear you up for the season.  We use elk scents/cover spray to help mask the human odor and playing the wind is very crucial when pursuing Elk.  Calling techniques are also used and prove to be very effective when the bulls are rutting.  We make visits to one of several mineral sites/water holes and check trail cameras throughout the year to ensure the elk are still in the area.  The goal is to have close encounters with big bulls and shots ranging from 10 - 50 yards.  Hunting in an ANY Elk unit means you are able to harvest even a cow Elk if you choose. This too is an accomplishment and a trophy in our opinion!  So if you're ready for a challenge- pursuing one of the most magnificent animals God created then give us a call and “lets go hunting”.    

Elk or Whitetail deer hunt- Late season archery: (November/December)

Our late season archery hunts for deer and elk take place out of ground blinds. You are hunting over alfalfa and corn.  The late season is very cold and has proven to take the best out of hunters if not properly equipped to handle the colder weather.


Elk and deer will be feeding very close to the blinds and you can expect 10-30 yard shots.


This time of the year the elk and deer are winding down from the rut and food is their number 1 priority as they gear up for the long, cold winter months ahead. 

Weather conditions can typically be in the low teens with up to 3 feet of snow on the ground.  Every blind will have a lil’buddy heater (quiet unit).  We reccomend you bring hand warmers and boots with at least 1,500 grams of thinsulate.  (La Cross Pac-Boots is what I have used).  Wearing a good quality long underwear that is also lined with thinsulate and the warmest winter pant, jacket and headwear is a must. 


Just imagine a whitetail buck or an 800lb elk feeding in front of you with no idea or even a thought that you are there- sitting at full draw!  If this sounds exciting to you, give us a call or shoot us an e-mail and lets make it happen!   

Spring Turkey hunt- archery or shotgun: (April-May)          

Hunting spring turkeys will take place mostly out of ground blinds while the birds are in route to their feeding areas.  Our style of calling techniques and decoys will bring birds in close!  You also have the choice of doing your own calling or your guide can do the calling for you.  All turkey hunts are 3 days.